Morehouse School of Medicine Events

Morehouse School of Medicine Events

The morehouse events are hosted by the Southeastern Primary Care Consortium, Inc. Atlanta Area Health Eduction Center. CHAMPS attends morehouse school of medicine speed learning events to engage students in what the field of Public Health is like and also introduce them to CHAMPS and the internship program.


Big Bethel Prayer Breakfast

Ms. Khan attended the prayer breakfast and gave a presentation about upcoming health summit and importance of men’s health.


Partyboi Film Screening

CHAMPS intern team attended the “Partyboi” documentary screening at Auburn Library. The team set up an information booth before the screening to provide more information on the organization and our upcoming Summit.


Grand Opening Event: DeKalb County Board of Health Men’s Health and Wellness Clinic

Ms. Khan and Megan attended the grand opening event for the new men’s health and wellness clinic. The clinic provided free health and wellness services for eligible DeKalb County male residents. 



CHAMPS were one of the sponsors for the event. CHAMPS attended the mixer event to represent their organization and network.  


Lifelink Event

Dr. Bonhomme, Megan, and Ms. Khan set up a booth at the lifelink event and educated people about CHAMPS and importance of men’s health.


Victorious Women’s Mother-Daughter-Sister-Girlfriend Brunch

Ms. Khan attended the brunch event honoring leading ladies. She had floor time to discuss what CHAMPS is, what services we offered, and what the summit is to the ladies attending the event. 

Fort McPherson Fall Festival

The Atlanta City Council hosted the Fort McPherson Fall Festival. CHAMPS Founder, Dr. James K. Bennett attended the event and gave a presentation about CHAMPS. 


Grady Palmer Lecture

The department of health promotion and physical education hosted the event. Dr. Grady Palmer was one of Kennesaw State University’s charter faculty member who served in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation when the university first open in 1966. Dr. Bennett and Ms. Khan were invited as honorary guests to speak at the Grady Palmer lecture.


Health Fair at the Educational Commissions For Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

Dr. Behnom attended the event and spoke students and other individuals there to educate the community about Men’s Health and the importance of screenings.


Ricky Gilly Event

CHAMPS was invited at the Ricky Gilly cycling event to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Dr. Behnom spoke as a guest speaker at the event. CHAMPS provided free PSA and DRE at midtown urology.


Peak Performance

Ms. Khan and Dr. Behnom attended the Peak Performance event for their 7th year anniversary. CHAMPS provided information about Men’s Health and the services offered by the organization.

Royal Blues Holiday Celebration for Prostate Cancer Awareness

PCA Blue hosted the event. Ms. Khan and Dr. Behnom were invited as VIP guests for the honorary celebration for prostate cancer awareness. Special guests at the event included Bobby Rush (2017 Grammy Winner) and Big Bill Morgan Field (Son of Muddy Waters).

Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Khan attended the end-of-the-year luncheon and spoke about CHAMPS and men’s health.