Our mission is to improve men’s health through education, screenings, referral options, and advocacy to identify health risks and to take early action to reduce those risks.

Our vision is to lessen the gaps between life expectancy of men and women by helping them understand the importance of early detection and intervention.

Our belief is that all men are entitled to improve quality and longevity of their lives.


There’s a huge void in the level of education and understanding of the importance of men’s health. It goes back to the old biblical saying: “if you give a man a fish he will eat it for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, he will eat for a life-time.” And that is what CHAMPS wants to accomplish by: promoting education, awareness, and prevention. With these tools, we provide an inexpensive opportunity for community members to learn about health promoting behaviors and make healthy lifestyle changes…”

Dr. James K. Bennett



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Morehouse School of Medicine Events

Morehouse School of Medicine Events

The morehouse events are hosted by the Southeastern Primary Care Consortium, Inc. Atlanta Area Health Eduction Center. CHAMPS attends morehouse school of medicine speed learning events to engage students in what the field of Public Health is like and also introduce them to CHAMPS and the internship program.


Big Bethel Prayer Breakfast

Ms. Khan attended the prayer breakfast and gave a presentation about upcoming health summit and importance of men’s health.


Partyboi Film Screening

CHAMPS intern team attended the “Partyboi” documentary screening at Auburn Library. The team set up an information booth before the screening to provide more information on the organization and our upcoming Summit.